Initial Consultation


Our bridal service begins with a thorough consultation, discussing with you all your ideas, thoughts and aspects of your wedding. Ideally this visit should be at least six months before the wedding day for a consultation.

Ideally you will already have details of your chosen dress or are planning to buy, as the type of neckline the dress has needs to be taken in to consideration. This will help us decide whether your hair best suits you with it up or down. we will also discuss whether you have any ideas of wearing any accessories such as tiaras, a veil, flowers or barrette. Whenever we use flowers in a bridal design you can be sure they are real and bursting with vibrant colors.

We will bring along our extensive portfolio. This will help you gain ideas if you haven’t already decided on what type of style to go for. By the end of the consultation you will have an idea about the kind of style you want, and whether you would like us to also style the hair of any bridesmaids, mothers or other members of the wedding party.

To achieve your desired look you may require other services ahead of your big day. This may include extension, color or cut. In these instances we can draw up a pre-wedding hair plan to ensure your hair is healthy, glossy and vibrant in plenty of time for your wedding.